Why you should request for a verified Facebook badge

Everyone is looking for ways to survive in this tough world and therefore, it is no surprising to note that almost every original product or service has its imitation. The situation is the same in Facebook badge; there are real and fake badges. As the buyer, it is upon you to ensure that you obtain an authentic Facebook badge. Likewise to the fans, always ensure you only participate on the verified Facebook pages and not their imitations. There are many reasons why you should request verified Facebook badge as will be outlined in this article, but first let’s discuss ways to identify a verified badge.

The main purpose of a Facebook verification badgeis to let people know that the particular account is authentic. A blue badge on a profile or a page means that Facebook has confirmed the particular page or profile is authentic for that specific public figure, Media Company or brand. It is important to note that not all celebrities have this badge; some have a fake badge while others miss it totally. If you notice a gray badge on a page or a profile, it indicates that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic page for the business or organization. The most important question however is why you should request verified Facebook badge.

Facebook verificationbadge improves online marketing. You might be asking yourself how the badge can help in improving your business. Well, many online business directories such as Google use verification badge to help users and followers find the authentic accounts for the businesses. This is because, there might exist duplicate or fake pages. Verification badge is simply a stamp of authenticity by the owner. Also to be noted if you request Facebook verified badge, your page will show up higher in Facebook searches and therefore give your followers easy time when they search for your page. This is why it is important to request Facebook verification badge.

The process of obtaining Facebook verification badge might be hectic and challenging for a person with few friends on Facebook. Or simply put a person who is not popular in Facebook. This is because it will bring some technicalities during “verification eligibility audit.” However, nothing is impossible to a willing heart and as long as you are committed and determined to request Facebook verified badge, you will surely get one.