Why you need Facebook verification badge

Have you ever wondered why public figures and global brands are busy hiring professionals to do for them verification process of their Facebook pages? It is not that they do not have other things to channel their time and resources to; they are just concerned about preserving their reputation. As it stands now, the only way you can differentiate an authentic Facebook page and its copycat is the badge. Why you need Facebook verification badge You will not only help in catching these kinds of culprits, but you will also save your image from being tainted by negative information.

Cases of impersonations are on the rise and we witnessed big names brought down by imposters who created a counterfeit of key public figures’ accounts.  The respected blue icon that was once reserved for celebrities, public figures and renowned musicians is now available for all Facebook users as long as you pass the verification audit test. Those with huge numbers of followers are in a better position of getting Facebook verification badge. However, all is not lost as any interested person can nowadays get the badge when right procedure is followed.

The secret of getting verified when you just have a handful friends is to post high quality content consistently for a certain duration of time. This will as a result increase the activities of your Facebook account and, therefore stand at a better chance of getting Facebook verification badge. You can further boost your eligibility by advertising your Facebook page to people. After much anticipation, you will soon be granted the permission to obtain the badge. Before getting verified you need to check on some few things prior to submitting application.

Apart from showing authenticity of an account, the Facebook verification badge also helps by making your Facebook page easily recognizable. The gray badge is awarded for global brands that have passed the Facebook verification eligibility test while the blue icon is for the celebrities. Both badges will make the pages conspicuous hence easily noticed by other Facebook users. The result will be increase in the number of friends on Facebook as each and every one would want to associate with credible accounts.