Why It is Important to Buy Instagram Verified Badge

Currently, only celebrities, public figures and global brands can buy Instagram verified badge. Common people are stilldenied access to verified badges but soon it will be available to everyone given the ever emerging technology. This is because instagram verification badge is granted to people with hundreds of thousands of followers. This means that famous people in the society stands at a better chance of getting verified by instagram. However, all is not lost, in case you do not have a verified badge and would like to be identified as authentic, you can link your instagram account with your Facebook page or twitter account. Instagram verified badge helps one stand out of the crowd and just like any other good thing; it comes at a cost.

Instagram verified badge is an image that appears next to an instagram accounts name after searching for that specific account. It’s a confirmation from the instagram that that’s the authentic account of that specific celebrity or global brand it represents. It is important to have an instagram verified badge to avoid impersonation by other malicious people.  This is mostly common in instagram accounts of public figures in our society.  These celebrities are humbly requested tobuy Instagram verifiedbadge in order to create awareness for their followers that that’s their authentic account. Instagram verified badges have their conditions and guidelines of which if altered may lead to the removal of the verified badges.

Instagram verified badge helps in recognizing you as you and nobody else who shares your name. It is ideally just an icon of identification and do not carry itself with any powers nor access. Verification does not protect your account from hackers nor give you special tool like pinterest’s application. You might be puzzled as to why you have a verified Facebook badge but none in instagram yet the owners are related. Well, the answer is simple; these are different systems on different sites hence no combined log in. However, verification in Facebook and twitter can be helpful in making your instagram account authentic.  You just have to link your instagram account to your Facebook or twitter account and help your followers recognize you as one person. This also helps you to avoid the headache to buy Instagramverified badge

The biggest problem in obtaining instagram verification badge is that you need to have massive numbers of followers. The qualification is to have a hundreds of thousands of followers not just one or ten thousands.  Such famous people with great followers attracts impersonators hence the need for the celebrities to buy Instagram verified badge to make their accounts authentic.