Why have a Facebook verification badge?

Basically, Facebook verification badge makes your account authentic. Your fans and potential likers will be able to recognize you as you and nobody else. In a world full of impersonation, it is advisable for all Facebook users to buy Facebook verification badge in order to protect their accounts against impersonators. This is especially important for celebrities, public figures and global brands whose accounts are vulnerable to impersonation. The Facebook verification badge makes your page unique, popular and worth looking into.

Besides making your Facebook page real, having the badge gives your page an added advantage of showing up higher in the search results, which in turn will attract more visitors to your page. Search engines such as Google give priority to the Facebook verified pages, hence providing them with an opportunity to show up higher on the search results. This is another way of making your page popular and credible. The Facebook verification badge is a simple way of letting your visitors know that they have landed on the right account.

Buy Facebook verification badge in order to initiate an open conversation between you and your fans. The truth of the matter is that, nowadays, fake accounts are so common that you would not dare to converse with a person about a sensitive issue, unless you are sure that he/she is the real individual.