Where to Buy Instagram badge

The blue or gray icon besides an Instagram profile indicates that the particular account is authentic. It helps in directing your hard earned followers towards your account and not to fall into the trap of the counterfeit account. This is why it is important to buy Instagram badge. The blue badge signifies that the authentic account belongs to a celebrity, politician, actress, musicians, CEO, famous athlete and any other public figures. A gray badge on the other hand, signifies that an authentic account that is owned by a particular brand or business organization.

Not every Instagram user is eligible to buy Instagram badge; the badge is only reserved for accounts which are at high risk of being impersonated. It is also worth noting that the number of followers in your account does not determine whether you are qualified for verification or not. The major factor considered is the risk of impersonation and whether you have encountered the same before. The number of followers may be just a contributing factor of showing that your account is at risk of getting impersonated but it is not an absolute reason.

Essentially, it is mandatory to have an Instagram account in order to buy Instagram badge. If you have one, well and good, but if you do not have an account, still there is something you can do. Creating an Instagram account is pretty simple and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Furthermore, the service is free!

Log into your Instagram account and choose the appropriate badge size that will suit you. The HTML code will appear at the bottom of the badge chosen, right click it and copy it to your computer’s clipboard. Assuming you have a Webstarts account, log in and modify the webpage where you want to embed the badge. Otherwise, if you do not have a Webstarts account, still you can sign up and create one. It is absolutely free; hence you will have nothing to lose. On the webpage edited, click on the option of the “insert HTML,” right click it and paste the code from your computer’s clipboard. Click “ok”. You can make some readjustments by dragging and dropping your Instagram at the precise location you would like it to appear on your webpage. Finalize the steps by saving the page and let it be permanently published on your website.

Essentially, those are the steps that are involved in popularizing your webpage when you buy Instagram badge.