What you should know before buying Facebook verification badge

The respected blue icon that was once reserved for celebrities, public figures and renowned musicians is now available for all Facebook users as long as you pass the verification audit test. Those with huge numbers of followers are in a better position of getting the badge. However, all is not lost as any interested person can nowadays get the badge when right procedure is followed. The secret of getting verified when you just have a handful friends is to post high quality content consistently for a certain duration of time. You can further boost your eligibility by advertising your Facebook page to people. After much anticipation, you will soon be granted the permission to buy Facebook verification badge. Before getting verified you need to check on some few things prior to submitting application.


The first thing you should make sure you have is an existing public page which uses your name. Note that the name of your personal page cannot be used. You can be granted a Facebook verification badge as long as you belong in either of these categories: musician, global brand, public figure or an athlete. These people do have two distinctive pages; personal and public Facebook pages. For you to qualify for verification, you must present the history of activities that has been going on in your public page. This includes content that have been lately posted to your accounts. Another factor that can substantiate your account for verification is referenced in any social media that might either contain your name or image. You also need to have a website in order to boost your validation to buy Facebook verification badge.


With all those set, you can then go ahead and use your mobile phone which is internet connected to complete the process of applying for buy Facebook verification badge. The process is quite simple and after a week, you will be given feedback, whether it was successful or not. The first step is to change your category to public figures if at all, you do not belong to the earlier mentioned categories. Then you can go ahead and explain who you are, what you do and why you are requesting for verification badge. Make it short and to the point. Then download “Facebook mentions” on your phone and then click “get started”. Type in your name> my page is not verified> from the downloaded file, you will choose your personal brand page> upload copy of your ID; add a website link and then click submit. You will know the fate of your page’s verification after one week.