What you should know about Instagram verification badge

Well, before going into any further details, it is important to note that Instagram verification badge is currently only available to some celebrities or global brands. These accounts have higher chances of being impersonated therefore they are given an upper hand in getting verified. Instagram owners are still cautious in issuing Instagram verification badge since it is a newly introduced technique. It wil therefore, take time for less famous accounts to get the badge.


In the meantime,there are still other ways of passing the information that the account you are using is authentic apart from having to buy Instagram verification badge. You can link your Instagram account to your official website. If you have a verified twitter or Facebook account, then you can link your Instagram account to them. Another way is to share your unique photos that only you have access to. You will realize that these methods are cheap and help you to avoid the hustle and challenges involved in acquiring Instagram verification badge. Futhermore, the above mentioned ways basically pass the same message passed by the verification badge.


Obtaining Facebook verification badge is much simpler as compared to buy Instagram verification badge. The good news is that you can link your Facebook account to that of instagram and in the process make your instagram account authentic. This will help you to avoid abrasions and struggles involved in buying instagram verification badge. This is especially helpful if you do not have hundreds of thousands of followers. For public figures, musicians and politicians, it is mandatory to buy Facebook verification badge to protect their accounts from imitation. Verification on their pages is signified by a blue icon on their profile search.

There are several ways of ensuring that your instagram account is not imitated by anyone. One of them is frequently checking the accounts to ensure its safe. At times, this exercise can be tedious and time consuming. As it stands out, the only surest way to ensure your account is maximally protected is to buy instagram verification badge. This is a technology that helps protect your account for an eternity and the good thing is that instagram verification badge never runs out of supply hence any user is encouraged to purchase them.


Figuratively speaking, Instagram verification can be used as an essential tool in ensuring effective marketing skills. Other users are easily convinced to follow an account that has been authenticated.