What you should know about buying Twitter verification badge

Right from the start, let me make one thing clear; Twitter verification badge is currently only reserved to accounts of public interest. Verified accounts are not meant for everyone and if at all, you do not have a major public presence, then do not dream of your account getting verified. Accounts managed by politicians, musicians, actors, religious leaders, global brands, athlete or any other account of public concern is eligible for verification. These accounts are usually prone to impersonation due to the public attention they create. It is also important to note that the number of followers you have in your Twitter account is not a factor to be considered when requesting to buy Twitter verification Badge. In order to put your account in an ideal position of getting verified, there are some tips that you should consider as outlined in the subsequent paragraphs.

As earlier aforementioned, accounts of public interest are easily verified, hence the first step of increasing the probability of your account’s verification is to maximize your public presence in whichever way possible. The other thing you should do is to ensure that your details in Twitter account are legible. Before you submit the request form to buy Twitter verification badge, confirm that you have a verified phone number, email address, profile photo, header photo, legitimate birthday, website and reserved public tweets.

Publicize your brand across all social networks of communication to make it easily identifiable. For persons, your account name should reflect your actual name. Businessmen who want their brands to be verified should maximize the popularity of their brands by setting the Twitter name to be the same as the company’s name. You can also make your brand or profile much conspicuous by putting a profile photo that depicts the brand or that matches you. You should also use a constant email address for both your Twitter account and that of your business. Linking your Twitter profile with other social media profile such as Facebook or Instagram can go a long way in popularizing you or your brand and therefore you can easily buy Twitter verification badge.

Being a busy public figure, you can decide to hire an agent to petition your Twitter verification. You will notice that most celebrities use these agents when requesting to buy Twitter verification badge. This is because the agents have a closer connection with the Twitter, hence verification can be easily granted. These agents are also preferred due to their experience in this kind of process.