Things You Will Love When You Buy 1000 Spotify Plays

Spotify is a music and video streaming service provider that was introduced to the public in October of 2008. It was developed in Sweden. The users can search for different music under various albums and genre. The application is free to download and anyone can listen using the app provided there is a strong WIFI or data connection. But, the functions of the application are limited for free users. Those who will not buy 1000 Spotify plays or those who will not purchase premium accounts will be restricted to shuffle only form of listening. You cannot play a song that you want, you cannot enhance the sounds and you cannot listen offline. This is one of the reasons why people normally buy premium accounts, they want to use and enjoy the full functionality of the app.


There are more than thirty million songs in the Spotify music bank nowadays with more than 140 million users in 2017.  But, why do users need to buy 1000 Spotify plays? One reason is to be visible and to stay engaged. A lot of artists in Spotify are ignored and neglected, because their songs have few plays. When you buy plays, that will give the listeners the impression that your music is worthy to listen to. Buying plays can also help you gain more followers. There are lots of artists nowadays who are still struggling to survive in Spotify. When you buy plays, that will persuade new listeners to check out your songs and they may also start following you and become your fans.