Things to Consider When you Buy Instagram Verification Badge

The reasons why you must buy Instagram verification badge increased as the result to how it affects the social media marketing is incredible.

With the features that Instagram is offering, verifying your account is the most common especially with business owners. Connected to this,


The most common way to shortlist the companies where you can buy Instagram verification badge is to search for them on the forums that discuss anything about social media marketing or if there is any direct thread that talks about Instagram verification badge and related services, read over the thread. Many people are also advertising their services there so you will have an idea or lists of possible people to hire. You can also post your project on an outsourcing website where there are many bidders with recent client feedbacks. With this, you can guarantee that you are dealing with qualified and experienced freelancers.


Upon getting the list, your next step is to determine how well they know Instagram, its rules and requirements. Since you will buy Instagram verification badge, you are required to submit valid information to confirm your identity. As an account holder, you have to make sure that your IG will not and does not violate any terms and conditions of the company. Although you can do it alone, there are still requirements that service provider can advise you to help you submit only once. They will assist and orient you on what you should avoid or should do to keep your account and to have it verified in the least amount of time.


The most common issue when hiring assistance for your IG verification is the cost.

There are freelancers who offer it for a really low price and there are some that are expensive. If you value your account more than what you will spend on hiring verification assistance, then there is no problem with the cost on your side. If you have a tight budget but still want to hire, you can do micro task. Just make sure you will be dealing with the right freelancer to avoid further problem.


There are many reasons why you need to buy Instagram verification badge. Along with this are the things you also need to consider when you hire someone. To make sure your account will be approved as fast as possible, deal with the right person, look at their previous works and don’t haggle the cost.