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​buy instagram commentsInstagram is a feature of sharing photos and videos . It provides its users to share pictures and videos with other people.  It allows them to post their videos and photos to other socially active sites like, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook etc. it is different from other video and photo sharing services. It includes a square shape mode of photos just like Polaroid images and Kodak Instamatic. Different to 16 : 9 mode used in mobile cameras these days. This feature of video and photo sharing was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom who in October 2010. This feature was so successful and people liked so much that it rapidly grew and got fame. By April 2012, there were around 100 million users of this feature.       This feature was made available for iPod Touch, iPad ad iPhone in 2012 and also for the androids using 2.2 Froyo. It was at first a service of photo sharing but then in June 2013 another feature of video sharing was introduced. People can share a video of 15 seconds using instagram video. It is a service for public and people anywhere in the world can use this feature of Instagram video. At the start of 2011, hostages were added to instagram to allow its users to find photographs and other things. It allows users to use tag both relevant and specific instead of tagging generically. It also includes many other features like instant tilt shift, live filters, optional borders, high resolution photographs and one click rotation.

Lazy scroll is one of the best joys of Instagram.  In order to make a comment like you pause the video. But the real fun is not interrupted at all. The main problem of the video was found when people started sharing the videos of their choice right after getting the video.Instagram is a different feature than photography. If we talk about instagram videos just the way Snapchat, Vine, and YouTube , feeds will be polluted with filth. Animal , food and sunset videos are ideal for Instagram photos.  There are many celebrities who use Instagram video and photo sharing feature. They have profiles on Instagram. These profiles show their lifestyle and way of their living. It has become popular among photographers, actors and musicians as well. Instagram allows its users to share and sell images for the advertisement without any compensation. In January 2013, Instagram , due to some violations , asked for photo IDs to very IDs. There was a rumor that Instagram will be available for BlackBerry mobiles and devices but later it was confirmed that there were no such ideas . Also there is no plan of giving windows phone support instagram feature. But there are rumors that an instagram app for windows phone is being made.Instagram gives its users an opportunity to use their instagram account and connect them with other social networking websites. Users can make their profiles featuring their videos and photos and information about their life and other personal information. In short, Instagram is making the life of its users very joyful.

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