Instagram Video Feature, an Awesome New Facility

Instagram Video Feature, an Awesome New Facility

Facebook previously announced the release of a video sharing feature in their popular and widely utilized application Instagram. This announcement came subsequently and pretty close on the heels of the release of Twitter’s similar photo sharing application which has been designated as Vine.

Kevin Systorm, the co-creator of Instagram as well as Instagram Video said on Thursday that users of Instagram will conveniently be able to share a 15 second video that they recorded by tapping on a video icon within the application. The best part about this amazing new application is that it allows users to modify the videos, change their contrast setting, imbue them with different hues or make these video clips black and white. While speaking at an event held at Facebook’s headquarters at Menlo Park in the region of Calif, Kevin Systorm remarked that this was the same Instagram that everyone knew and adored with the difference being that it can now move as well.

Now, talking about Twitter’s video sharing application Vine, we see that this application has the capability to create and subsequently share 6 seconds long videos amongst friends and currently boasts a user figure of about 13 million individuals. Instagram on the other hand now consists of about 100 million users, which is a huge leap from the mundane and trivial figure of 10 million prior to Facebook’s acquisition of the company more than a year ago. This latest tactic by Facebook could drive mobile video sharing into the general field of actions and processes provided that people appreciate and take to it in a likeable and endearing manner.

Instagram users can use this latest Instagram video feature by tapping on the same camera item that they originally used to take pictures with. A new video icon will manifest on the right side of the screen. Once tapped, it will take a user to a screen with a red video button which allows one to record clips of anything or any situation that you find alluring and remarkably appealing.

As long as you finger remains forced down upon the button, the application will keep recording the videos, at least until your 15 seconds run out. Taking one’s finger off the recording button will cease the application’s recording feature, which is contrary to Vine. This is an efficacy induced and convenient feature as it allows one to change position and angles for the perfect video quite comfortably. You could also record a different clip in the seconds remaining from the total 15 seconds limit of the video. Once you have successfully captured 15 seconds worth of video clip, you are ready to play it and afterwards post it for sharing with others on Instagram.

The principle consumer Analyst at Ovum, which is a technology firm, mentioned that given the tremendous popularity of the Twitter video sharing application, Vine, it is peculiar that Facebok did not take steps sooner towards releasing an application of the similar sort.

It certainly seems at present that Facebook is all set to give Vine competent and considerable opposition with its new Instagram Video feature.

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