How to get more viewers on Instagram

The number of likes and comments to a video post were no enough to conclude how a video has hit. Initially, Instagram was limited to likes, comments and followers. There was need of improvement such as on sites like youtube which shows a video count. This is a feature that is programmed to increment by one if a person clicks on the video and watch for at least three seconds. The instagram community recently added this feature to the Instagram app. The feature appears below video posts where the likes used to appear. This feature has been embraced by over four millions users. They say it is the best way to how popular the video has become. Currently, basing on the Instagram reports, the amount of time people spend to watch videos is increasing daily. At the moment it is at forty percent. You really do not need a scientist to understand that to get more viewers on Instagram means a lot to an account profile.

The major problem most of the Instagram users face is to get more viewers on Instagram. Being on Instagram for a long time cannot guarantee that you will attract huge number of buy video view  Instagram. You need to work your way out. Video views are attracted by your account activities. If you have an active account and your posts are quality, unique, original and attractive, you can be certain to have followers to your account profile. Basically, you need followers to your account to achieve all that. You can attract followers by following other Instagram users. That is the simplest method although a bit involving. The other way to get video views on your Instagram account is to simply buy the Instagram views.