Get Instagram verification Badge

Some people keep on wondering why getting Facebook verification is much simpler as compared to obtainig Instagram verification. As a matter of fact, Instagram is the hardest social media to get verified when compared to other social sites such Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. This is because Instagram owners are extremely cautious not to verify fake accounts as authentic and therefore before your account gets the blue or gray badge, you have to properly screen. Instagram gives priority to accounts that have high probability of being impersonated; celebrities, public figures, well renowned musicians and global brands.

Apart from your account being popular, there are other ways to determine whether your account is legible for verification. The level of activities in your account has a lot to do with whether you will buy Instagram verification badge or not. Basically, only active accounts with real engagement are allowed to get the badge. You have to make your followers engaged with your accounts activities in order to be in the priority list of getting Instagram verification badge. However, note that there are some acts that can compromise the eligibility of your account getting verified. This includes buying of fake followers in order to be famous and also to surpass the required number of followers in order for an account to get verified. Once Instagram notes that you are dealing in such scams, you will be denied the opportunity of obtaining Instagram verification however famous you are.

Buy instagram verification badge to increase your popularity in social media. When buying the verification badge, always ensures that the badges are 100% real, permanent, safe and total refund guaranteed. The more popular your account is, the higher the chances of obtaining Instagram verification badge. Due to such, always strive to have many followers on Instagram because you will not lose anything. In fact, it will also make your account to have higher search rate on internet thereby differentiating your account from others. This is even a better deal for online business men who are after marketing their product. Social media followers help business in marketing and promoting that particular product.

One way to attract followers to your Instagram account is to stick to a specific voice, theme and personality. The other way is to buy Instagram verification badge if you cannot keep up with the demands of blogging. With many followers in your Instagram account, the activity in that particular account is also going to be more and mind you this dream of any social media user. Using hash tags properly can also enable you to attract many followers to your account.