Get Facebook verification badge– avoid troubles

Facebook lets us connect to people all around and not just to talk but to share pictures, videos documents and have a little entertainment through games. You can spend hours on Facebook without actually realizing the fact that the time you spent was not in minutes. But with all this there are a few problems we, as a normal user, get to face. It might not happen very frequently but it does happen. What is that? Did your friends ever ask you which profile is yours from a bunch of profiles with your name and picture? Did you have to face the trouble caused by fake IDs and the process of getting them reported? If yes then you know what I am talking about. If luckily your answer is no then brace yourself Facebook does have the ability to surprise you. With these fake accounts a risk of privacy is always there as to what another person will do using your identity and ruining your reputation. To avoid this there is a really simple technique. Get Facebook verification badge. When you are verified every other account running by your name or picture will simply lose credibility and become irrelevant.

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