Get Facebook verification badge

Facebook verification badge is great news to Facebook pages that are targeted by impersonators. At first glance, the verification badge seems like a little mark besides your profile that might appear to have no meaning at all. Isn’t it? Well, if you are thinking in that direction, then you have landed yourself in the right place. This article will basically elaborate why you should get Facebook verification badge, especially if you are a celebrity or famous brand.


Facebook verification badge comes with authority. Not all people can access the badge at present except, if you can actually prove that your Facebook page is at high risk of getting impersonated. As such, Facebook verification badge is a privilege enjoyed by popular socialites and brands. The badge makes your page authentic and distinctive from any other. This helps in cases where you are sharing same Facebook identification with another person. For businesses, the badge makes you to be ahead of the competition since it is a mark of authority.


To be mentioned also is that Facebook badge adds accountability and stability. This is one of the reasons Facebook introduced the badge to hold people accountable for their actions. For you to get verified, you need to provide a real name and real account. This will help in tracking down scammers which has become rampant in Facebook. People will become obnoxious and horrible creatures behind anonymity, but when their names are exposed and their reputation is at stake, they will be cautious not to make such mistakes. Therefore, get Facebook verification badge and enjoy the above and much more benefits.