Differences I noticed in my account after I bought instagram verified badge

I had always have an unverified instagram account like every other twitter users since I opened my instagram account about 5 years ago. I however started seeing a blue tick on some people’s account. Before I really got to know what the blue tick, I noticed that it was only on the profile of very important people and celebrities and I thought I will never be able to get it. I however was curious about the blue tick and later got to know that it meant you had been verified by instagram. I had to buy instagram verified badge for my instagram account and I can say it has been worth it. Here are some changes I noticed in my account after I bought the verified badge. Instagram is a website which is basically have millions of people from all over the world coming and joining it and is very popular with people or all ages.

People were sure of my identity and believed in me

Initially, people always asked if that was really my account and sometimes had to demand for proof before confiding anything important in me. They were scared of being victims of people posing as me. Since I was buy instagram verified badge however, I had not gotten such requests again. It helps in get more trust on the website and every should try and get one for themselves, which is easy.

People were curious about how I got verified

I was able to immediately make many new friends and many were asking me how I was able to get verified. They also desired to have the badge on their account as well. I therefore became an instant celebrity amongst my peers after buy instagram verified badge