Buy Twitter Verification Badge to authenticate your account

How will people know that your Twitter account is authentic and not an imitation? Buy Twitter verification badge to make your account authentic and give your fans or followers easy time of identifying your account. The badge is signified by a blue icon besides a profile or an account when appearing in search results. The color is constantly blue irrespective of the color customization of your profile. The position of the badge is also constant; next to the profile name. If you have been careful enough, you would have realized that there are some accounts which have the badge displayed somewhere else (not next to the profile), well, such accounts are not verified. The badge might appear in the profile photo or header photo. Such badges are not real and are not issued by the Twitter. People owning accounts with a fake badge are exposing their accounts to suspension or being banned. To avoid risking your account, buy Twitter verification badge.

Can my account be verified? This is a question that rings in most Twitter users, but fortunately for you; this article will provide you with the answer. It is worth mentioning that Twitter account can only be verified if it is of public interest. This includes accounts owned by celebrities, politicians, actors, religious leaders, journalists, musicians, athlete, global brands or any other important account that is exposed to imitation. If you feel your account is worth verified then you should apply and buy Twitter Verification badge.

There are ways you can use to maximize the probability of getting your Twitter account verified. First and foremost, always ensure that you maximize your publicity. The major reason for verification is to protect your account from impersonation and that will only be possible if you are a public figure in the society. It is funny that Twitter does not take into consideration the number of followers you have in your account; your publicity is all that matters when requesting to buy Twitter verification badge.

The second way of increasing your chances of getting verified is ensuring that you are eligible. In order not to compromise your application process, make sure you have a legitimate phone number, functioning email address, profile photo, header photo, birthday, website and tweets set aside as public to confirm that you are indeed a public figure. For global brands hoping to be verified, you can increase the chances of your brand getting verified by setting the Twitter name to be the same as the company name so that your company can be easily identified across other social networks.