Buy Instagram Verified Badge

Let us assume you have struggle through all the process of obtaining instagram verification badge and now you have one, but is it verified? Social media verification is one of the most sought out icon in the web and as such, fraudsters are taking this opportunity to sell to people counterfeits. Just everything else in today’s world, you can obtain through a little bit of tenacity or a bit of trickery. To avoid these problems, you have to do a background check on the company supplying the badge and ensure it is authentic. You can also consult from those that have original verification badge to know how and where they were acquired.  Consider all the above guidelines before deciding to buy instagram verifiedbadge to ensure you do not make the worst mistake of your life.

One of the greatest challenges with verification is that in order to be under consideration for verification, you must have a big number of followers. By big number, I mean hundreds of thousands not just thousands. Due to this, impersonation of celeb’s accounts is obvious since the imitators are looking for ways of having half a percent of the number of followers the celebrity have. There is high probability that people will not mind about differentiating the original account from the fake one. It is not just that useful. This is why you need to buy instagram verified badge to make your followers easy time to identify you. Verified badge on instagram is a little checkmark, normally its blue in color just like it is in almost every network. It Is located next to the user’s name in search and in their profile.

In any case, acquiring instagram verified badge is not a walk in the path. The only accounts that can be verified are those belonging to public figures, celebrities, musicians and global brands. Verification is given to this account to reduce impersonation which is a crime on instagram. The main purpose to buy instagram verified badge is for your followers to identify you as you and nobody else. It is just an icon and does not carry itself any power or access. To be noted also is that, verification badge does not prevent people from viewing your account or worse still, it does not protect your account from hackers.  If you are not a celebrity like me and would still want to be identified with your account, the solution is simple. You can use your verification on Facebook and link the pages to your official instagram. This gives you credibility just the same way instagram verification does.