Buy Instagram verification badge

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that Instagram verification badge is easily acquired by prominent and popular accounts. By that I mean, accounts with over hundreds of thousands of followers. This huge numbers of followers can only be achieved by celebrities, prominent politicians, musicians and global brands. These kinds of accounts are prone to impersonation due to the massive number of followers. Fraudsters target some or a half of these followers by coming up with the imitations of these popular accounts. Everyone using Instagram as a social media understands the importance of having many followers in one’s account. This is the motivating factor in these impersonators and they will do everything possible to attract as many followers as possible to the imitated accounts.


As a follower, you might not be keen enough to differentiate between the original and the fake account as they almost look the same. This therefore means that imitated account has the same chance of getting as many followers as the authentic account. As a celebrity, you need to buy Instagram verification badge to secure your account as well as to give your followers easy time to identify your account. This is even more crucial for global brands as they have competitors worldwide and hence someone can easily direct the traffic of followers to the imitated account. It is high time you take the responsibility of protecting your precious Instagram account before you lose your intended followers to impersonators.


As earlier aforementioned, obtaining Instagram verification badge entails challenges and abrasion more so to common people who have just a handful of followers. For you to be allowed to obtain the badge, you have to prove that your account is prone to danger. The surest evidence so far is the number of followers you have and hence having small number of followers reduces your chance of getting verified. However, with persistence and a little edification of your account, you might just be lucky to pass the Instagram verification audit and allowed to buy Instagram verification badge.


Obtaining Facebook verification badge is much simpler as compared to Instagram verification badge. Therefore, if at all you have Facebook badge, you can link it to your Instagram account so that people can easily identify you as one person. You will be avoiding the hustle involved in being allowed to buy Instagram verification badge as well saving your money and time. At the end of the day, you would end up authenticating your account which is the same purpose Instagram verification badge basically does.