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Live video views enable you to broadcast your videos around the world. One thing you’ll really love about this feature is that every event, particularly depends on you (broadcaster).  Once you are done with the entire broadcasting process, the video disappears, and no one gets a chance to replay it. It is indeed a feature to be celebrated because it allows full ownership of the broadcasted video. If your ephemeral video is outstanding and totally interesting, most people will be leveraged to follow your activities. They will be looking forward to viewing your upcoming videos. As a result, you will have attracted a huge number of Instagram followers. Those who buy Instagram live video views can also keep track of number of people looking at their videos. Moreover, this is an additional feature that has just been launched, and hasn’t been used by many people yet. You will simply be among the very fast people to use it. Instagram live video views are supported by mobile applications, and are absolutely convenient.