Buy Facebook verification badge – Safe Facebooking

Are you a frequent Facebook user? Does it happen that your friends complain of getting requests from your name with the same display picture but you know nothing of those IDs? Yes it does. Everyone experiences this stuff when using Facebook. What is a way to get rid of it, if there is even a way? The solution is very simple indeed. But the issue with it is that if you ask Facebook to get it for you that can be a trouble. We provide you with an alternative which is much more easy and efficient. Buy Facebook verification badge and get a blue tick right across your name. This will allow your ID to be distinguished from all other IDs that were associated with your name and the verification badge ends any duel of which one is authentic.

If you ask Facebook to give you the badge and you are just a normal user they will disturb you for a very long time before they provide you with the badge that is if you pass their procedure and the decision of giving badge is in your favor. When you buy Facebook verification badge you will experience the fastest delivery of 24-48 hours. Getting a Facebook badge in such small time is a blessing as Facebook takes months to do it. The results are 100% guaranteed and safe methods are used. The badge provided is permanent and doesn’t need to be renewed. Once you purchase it, it will always be there.