Benefits of Instagram verification badge

Many public figures have extremelysuffered at the hands of impersonators, most of which are after ruining their reputation. It is not only celebrities that are affected; famous brands are also targeted especially by their competitors to ruin the reputation of that particular product. Some fraudsters are not after ruining the publicity of people’s accounts, but instead focus on getting some of the followers meant for those particular accounts. Instagram verification badgeis a recently introduced service to make accounts of celebrities and famous brands authentic. By doing that, people can easily differentiate original accounts from the fakes.

Verified Instagram accounts either have a blue or a gray badge. If you notice a blue badge on someone’s profile, it indicates that Instagram has confirmed that the particular account is authentic. Such accounts belong to famous people such as politicians, musicians, religious leaders, government, sport participant or actors. The gray badge on the other hand is used to indicate that the account has been proven to be real by Instagram. Such accounts are owned by popular products, services or brands. For your account to be verified, you must prove that the account is prone to impersonation. The number of followers you have on your Instagram account does not determine whether or not eligible for an Instagram verification badge.

If you feel you have an account that is disposed to impersonation, and is still considering whether to take an initiative to verify it or not, I will help you see why you should seek for Instagram verification badge. As earlier aforementioned, the badge will make your account look real and, hence give your followers and potential followers, easy time of identifying the real account. Furthermore, verified accounts are usually given priority in the search engines such as Google. You will notice that verified accounts appear higher on the search results as compared to the unverified ones.

The Instagram verification badge will also make your account conspicuous and this means popularizing your accounts. Many people will be able to recognize your account easily and some may end up following it in return. Every instagram user understands perfectly well the importance of several followers on one’s account. You will not only have a ready audience for your posts, but your account will also look respectable and credible. This will even benefit an online marketing agent even more. You will be in a position to influence your followers to buy your product or service and thereby expanding your customer base.